SVTA Raising our voices

SVTA Raising Our Voices: A Blog Series Of Real Stories About Diversity In The Streaming Industry

In this blog series, SVTA member company employees share their personal experiences with diversity in the streaming industry. Are you an employee of a member company and want to contribute your story? Contact us today!

Silvia Botella March 8, 2022

What Women Need For True Gender Equality

My name is Silvia Botella and I lead the marketing activities at Red Bee Media, a global broadcast and media services company. I have been working with media for two decades now, and during my…

Jérôme Blanc February 9, 2022

A Simple Wish

Sexual orientation has always been to me like having brown or blue eyes: nothing much you can do about it, and it doesn’t harm anyone. Nothing you should need to conceal or must confess. In…

Maria Rue Aguete January 3, 2022

Standing Strong

My name is Maria Rua Aguete and I am Senior Research Director at OMDIA. As I look back on my career, I realize one thing: I got to where I am by speaking loudly…and not…

Michael Maponga November 2, 2021

Reflections On An Industry

As a black entrepreneur in the media and entertainment space, I feel like I’m in a unique position to really reflect on the state of diversity within the streaming world. Let me start out with…